Plantar Heel Pain

At Foot Factor Podiatry, one of the most common conditions our clients present to us with is “Plantar Heel Pain”. Plantar heel pain refers to pain under the heel – on the bottom surface of the foot.

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   You may have heard of people experiencing pain due to:

Plantar fasciitis

Heel spur syndrome

Policemans heel

Runners heel

Stone bruise in the heel

All of these are forms of “Plantar Heel Pain”.




Did you know heel spurs usually don’t cause pain. In 95% of plantar heel pain cases the pain experienced is due to a soft tissue injury.


What would I feel if I had “Plantar Heel Pain”?

If you have ever suffered from “Plantar Heel Pain”, or are hobbling around with it at the moment you will find that you may be experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Pain felt in the bottom of the heel
  • Pain is often worse when first getting out of bed, or when standing after sitting
  • However, pain can occur all day
  • It can feel like a bruise or a sharp stabbing pain


How did I end up with “Plantar Heel Pain”?

It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint a cause of the heel pain – sometimes because people have been experiencing it for months or even years, however the most likely causes for “Plantar Heel Pain” can be:

  • Related to an overuse or change of load through the foot. For example:
    • Increasing exercise
    • Change in work requirements and on feet more
    • Change in footwear
  • Could also be a minor injury, and as we need to continue to walk it doesn’t heal and can get worse
  • Related to tightness in the calf muscles
  • People with both flat feet AND high arches can experience plantar heel pain


If left untreated, the average time for “Plantar heel pain” to go away is over 12 months, but it can last up to 4 years!


How can I help fix my ‘Plantar Heel Pain”?

There are many things you can do at home to try and overcome the pain of “Plantar Heel Pain”. Some of these include:


How Foot Factor Podiatry help with my “Plantar Heel Pain”?

At Foot Factor we help people every day with “Plantar Heel Pain”. We will gently examine your feet and determine the cause of your heel pain. Using the latest evidence-based treatments we construct individualised treatment plans for our clients to help them overcome “Plantar Heel Pain”. We can use a combination of:

  • Offloading strapping or padding
  • Foot mobilisation
  • Dry needling
  • Footwear advice
  • Recommend exercise and stretching regime
  • Advice regarding current exercise programme
  • Orthotics
  • FS6 sock