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Footwear and Accessories

Foot Factor Podiatry’s Springwood clinic has a small retail store.

We stock foot health products, with the aim of keeping your feet as healthy and supported as possible.




  • FRANKiE4 Shoes
  • Revere Shoes
  • Vionic Footwear
  • Anodyne
  • Archies


  • We currently have a few shoes on sale until they are all gone!


  • 5% Callusan Foot Mousse
  • 10% Callusan Foot Mousse
  • 15% Callusan Foot Mousse
  • Lamisil Once
  • SolvEasy Tinea Cream
  • SolvEasy Tinea Spray
  • Silipos Gel Digital Pad
  • Silipos Little Toe Strip
  • Silipos Big Toe Strip
  • Silipos Little Toe Cap
  • Silipos Big Toe Cap
  • FS6 Compression Sock
  • Diamond Deb Nail File
  • Metatarsal Domes
  • Heel Raises
  • Arch Cookies
  • Spikey Massage Ball

FRANKIE4 shoes were founded by a Brisbane husband and wife team who are both podiatrists.  These shoes are made with a depth of knowledge regarding the mechanics of the foot and lower limb, and include removable arch support.

Enclosed shoes come with a Custom Fit Pack that helps shoes fit feet of narrow, standard or wide widths.

What we love about FRANKIE4 shoes is not just how comfortable they are, but how we don’t need to compromise our fashion style for comfort.

See below to see the range of FRANKIE4 shoes that we stock.

Revere Shoes offer beautifully designed sandals and shoes that are built for your comfort.  They come with removeable cushioning and arch support.

What we love about Revere shoes is that their sandals not only look great, but they can be worn with your orthotics, making them a fantastic choice for us in Brisbane in the summer.

See below to see a selection of the Revere shoes range.

Vionic Shoes’ motto is “Style, it doesn’t have to hurt”.

Vionic has evolved into being known for its trendy, modern and supportive designs across sandals, thongs, shoes and slippers.

We love having our feet fully supported whilst wearing Vionic thongs and sandals.

Anodyne shoes are a premier designer of diabetic footwear.  Engineered to help maintain an active, healthy and productive lifestyle, they are seamless, extremely soft, cushioned and lightweight, yet boast soft leathers. Anodyne has a great range for both men and women.

We love that Anodyne shoes are available in medium, wide, extra wide and extra depth shoes, and know that these shoes will accommodate even the widest feet.

Archies Arch Support Thongs look just like ‘normal’ thongs, yet provide same amount of support of a typical orthotic, providing comfort never before seen in a regular pair of thongs.

By addressing many of the issues associated with ‘regular’ thongs we have redefined what pair of thongs and Summers ought to be.


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