Foot Mobilisation Therapy Benefits

What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?FMT

Foot mobilisation involves the gentle movement of the joints to stretch the articular surfaces and surrounding joint soft tissue in order to promote repair and improve function. Mobilisation techniques are widely used by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, yet in podiatry it is not commonly used.  At Foot Factor Podiatry we implement a specific individualised mobilisation program just for your feet.

 What are the Benefits of Foot Mobilisation?

Even though the mechanisms or the ‘how’ behind foot mobilisation is very complex, the benefits to the patient are immense. Our very own podiatrist, Aaron Wholohan, is conducting his PhD on the effects of Foot Mobilisation Therapy, and is hopeful to discover the “how” over the next few years.  After analysing the current research and through practice over the past 4 years Aaron has found that foot mobilisation;

  • reduces foot pain
  • improves joint range and quality of motion
  • improves balance,
  • improves foot function
  • reduces muscle activity and
  • potentially increases foot strength.

Therefore, if you have the feeling of pain, stiffness, or reduced balance in the feet during walking, foot mobilisation may be able provide the desired effect. Common foot conditions where foot mobilisation is a successful treatment option are: plantar heel pain, aching feet, arthritis, nerve entrapments and bunions.

How Foot Factor Podiatry Uses Foot Mobilisation

At Foot Factor Podiatry all of our podiatrists are mobilisation qualified. They will spend time assessing your foot mechanics and recommend a treatment plan. Foot mobilisation may be used as a single treatment, or in conjunction with other treatments, for example exercises, strapping, shoe padding or orthotics. It has been highlighted in the literature that foot mobilisation works best when performed 2 times a week, however positive effects are felt after just 1 treatment. We’ve relieved many patients from foot pain, stiffness and balance issues using foot mobilisation therapy.

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