Corns/Callus Solutions

How Would I know If I had Corns/Callus?callus1-195x300

Have you have noticed the skin on your feet becoming rough or hard?

Do you feel like you are walking on small pebbles?

If so, you may have a corns or callous.

Callous is a build up of hard skin, whilst a corn is a hard skin plug that is pushed into the skin (much like a small stone).  Both are common conditions.

Look Out for These Symptoms

Corns and callus can become painful when the skin thickens.  Corns and Callus can build up on any location of the feet; however the most common spots are on the heels, balls of the feet as well as the sides of the little toes. Pain can be experienced at the direct location of the corn or callus.  It is more common in the winter months to develop heel callus which can become cracked and very painful.  Many patients experience a burning sensation when walking on the balls of their feet when the callus thickens.

What Causes It

Corns and callus are caused by an increase in pressure applied to the skin. This can be due to incorrect fitting shoes, wearing open shoes, not applying regular foot creams and the way we walk.


How to Eliminate Corns & Callus

Corns and callus will not go away by themselves.  In most cases, it is easily treated with minimal discomfort, and with an immediately significant improvement.  If you believe you may be suffering from corns and callus, you should see a podiatrist. A podiatrist will be able to spend time assessing your feet treatment plan.  This may involve the podiatrist removing the corns and callus, educating you on applying foot and advise you on appropriate shoes to be worn.


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