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Plantar Heel Pain is one of the more common reason our clients come to see us at Foot Factor Podiatry.

It is often described as pain in the heel/heels in the morning when getting out of bed, causing people to limp for the first 20 or so steps; and then being painful later in the day when first standing after a period of sitting.  As the condition progresses, it is not uncommon to find the heel pain affecting you more consistently throughout the day.

Plantar heel pain can be debilitating to say the least.  And, because we don’t get the chance to “rest our feet”, it often doesn’t go away without treatment.

There are numerous terms used to describe Plantar Heel Pain – some of which you may have heard of before: Plantar fasciitis, heel spur, bruised heel, bursitis under the heel, policeman’s heel to name a few.

So, What Causes It

Plantar Heel Pain has numerous causes. Some of the more common causes are:

  • an increase in exercise or change in activity
  • inadequate footwear
  • an injury or strain that hasn’t had the chance to heal
  • Feet that are rolling in (pronated)
  • Feet that are rolling out (supinated feet)
  • Tight calve muscles
  • Foot joints not working as they should.

How to Eliminate Pain

Plantar heel pain will not go away on its own.  However, in most cases it can be easily treated, usually with minimal discomfort, and with an immediate significant improvement.

If you believe you are suffering from plantar heel pain, you should see a podiatrist. At Foot Factor Podiatry we treat the cause of your plantar heel pain, not just the symptoms.  Using the latest evidence based treatments selected upon individual requirements, all podiatrists at Foot Factor Podiatry can implement:

  • dry needling
  • foot mobilisation and manipulative techniques
  • plantar fascial stretching and fascial release,
  • at-home exercises
  • footwear advice
  • orthotic therapy.

Our podiatrists will spend time assessing your foot mechanics and prescribe you an individualised treatment plan.

We’ve relieved many patients from the pain of plantar heel pain.  If you are concerned, book yourself in with our podiatrists, at Foot Factor Podiatry, Springwood or Coopers Plains by phoning:     07 3133 8134.

Don’t let pain restrict your participation in life!